Learn the science of effective public speaking

Signature presentation coaching from Paul Godfrey – mentoring business leaders to deliver outstanding on-stage performance

There’s one skill that every business leader has to master – the ability to speak in public.

Whether you’re the CEO of a large corporate or an entrepreneur just starting-out, you need to make a powerful, positive impression.

Just look at Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg or Yang Lan. Great business leaders – and even greater speakers. When you think about Apple, do you think about the iPhone in your pocket – or a spellbinding product launch by Steve Jobs?

Now it’s your turn.

Learn to be an effective business Champion and shine on-stage. With coaching by Paul Godfrey – one of the region’s best-known presenters of business, media and current affairs events.

He’ll create bespoke training that puts you firmly in the limelight.

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Working with
Paul Godfrey

CEO of PG International, Paul has Chaired major conferences and debates in New York, Cairo and Muscat – as well as being the face of the Bold Talks series, and MC for more than 50 local entrepreneurship and SME events.

He’s also well-known as a leading executive speech coach, mentoring CEOs to deliver top-class broadcast and on-stage performances.

Paul has played a significant role in shaping the media face of powerful financial Champions – working with figures like Lord Levene of Lloyds of London and David Margrett of Lambert Fenchurch PLC.

Paul worked for 25 years as a journalist and publisher. He’s the author of benchmark publications such as The Manager’s Handbook and Risk Management in the Public Sector: five protocols for protecting people and property.

Paul has held a number of corporate directorships, including being Head of Editorial Services for Reed Elsevier PLC and Publishing Director of the leading design entity Communique 360.

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Coaching services

Paul Godfrey’s signature coaching delivers comprehensive improvements in your public speaking. It works whether you’re a top CEO – or just starting out on a career that needs you to make an impact.
The programme has four elements. It’s designed to be highly flexible and fit around your working schedule. If time is a priority, fast-track versions can be easily designed for you, or you can choose to focus on one particular element only. You’ll benefit from:

How to use the physical space of the stage to powerful advantage. The session includes instruction on –

  • Knowing where best to stand to kick-off a presentation
  • Walking the stage confidently and assertively
  • Body movement, posture and composure
  • How to reach out to the audience and build physical empathy
  • Working with audio-visual materials – how to refer to the screen and how to gesture

Richness and quality of content is key to success. This module addresses critical areas such as –

  • What to use as content
  • How long?
  • Building a powerful, coercive opening
  • Developing the narrative
  • Engaging the audience with statistics and examples
  • Getting the powerful close, leading to applause

Another vital stepping-stone of effective and persuasive delivery. How should you present and talk? Content here includes –

  • How to pace your speech and how to vary speed
  • How to modulate tone and depth\
  • Sentence length
  • Simplicity of language?
  • The role of emphasis
  • Breathing and posture – keys to confidence
  • Bringing in humour and depth – making the audience laugh and cry
REHEARSAL – the most important factor of all

How do you rehearse and get the speech to the level you want? There are several golden rules that can make preparation less challenging and calm nerves before the big day.

  • When to rehearse
  • Where to rehearse: privately or with a friendly audience?
  • Memory is key – make yours work to your advantage
  • Aiming for a paperless presentation
  • Being your own harshest critic – practice is king!


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